Human Violins Team
Produced by STORYSCAPES in collaboration with NOE-FI STUDIOS Written and Directed by Ioana Mischie
Human Violins
Lead Actress (Voice) - Cabiria Morgenstern
Art Direction by Alec Pop
3D Modelling Alec Pop, Valentin Mladin
Animation Alec Pop, Valentin Mladin
Original Music Adrian Tăbăcaru
Violin Music: Raluca Stratulat
Editor Cristi Vieriu
VR Development and Programming Boby Ilea and Adrian-Marian Popoviciu
VR Blueprints Adrian Tăbăcaru
Sound Design by Ina Bozdog
Produced by Storyscapes in collaboration with Noe-Fi Studios
Producer: Ioana Mischie
Production facilitators: Sorin Baican, Vikram Jotwani
Post-production company: Studioset
Post-production coordinators: Simona Macarie, Diana Crețu, Călin Bogdacenco
Public Relations Strategist Raluca Mihăilă

Inspired by:
Human Violins project, initiated by Amnon Weinstein

Special Thanks:
Fulbright Enrichment Seminar, Nashville, USA
David Nelson, Mixed Reality Lab, USC
The Shoah Foundation USC
Mrs. Larisa Ispas
Mrs. Sanda Mischie

In the memory of my father

Developed in Biennale College Cinema VR, Venice Gap Financing Market, XR Stories - Torino Short Film Market.

Supported by the Immersive Creators Catalyst by WIIT and Meta.

The project was co-financed by AFCN

(C) Ioana Mischie MMXXII